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Some people sometimes asked me. Don't you feel sad when all these horrible things to our people, our nation and our brothers and sisters in religion? Then i tell them . Yes, i do feel sad, it hurt me so much and make me sad so much when i see people suffers no matter who they are and what are their believe, nationality or colour. Sometimes even i don't want to stay alive and i prayed many times to be dead cause when watching people that suffers, it give me so much pain and it hurt me so much that i can not take it. That is why i tell you always and will keep telling u that stop hurting, hating people who is not like, or does not believe like how u believe. Stop listening to those who are telling u that but hurting these kinds of people you will earn God's blessing. That is not true, try to use your brain and don't ever buy those nonsense. We don't mean to suffer our life, we mean to enjoy living and spending our time beside each other.

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