Carey Heywood said this quote

I excuse myself and go to the ladies’ room. Washing my hands, I give myself a little youcan do this type pep talk. When I walk out, I see him leaned up against the wall opposite the door.Long line for the men's room? I try to joke, moving past him.His hand circles my wrist, stopping me. I inhale, frozen in place. My back is to him. I don'ttry to pull away. I can't move. I just look down at his hand, staring at his damn freckle.Sarah.What are you playing at, Will?'Playing? He tugs my arm back so I'm facing him. I promise you this is no game.Alright, what do you want from me? Is that better? I practically spit.Everything. He's moved his hands up to hold my biceps. I want everything from you.Everything. That one word still breaks my heart when I think back to that night.My head snaps back as though he's struck me. Don’t cry, just don’t cry. I gave youeverything once. Now I have nothing left for you.I pull myself from his grasp and hurry back to the table.