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Humans were made for love and beauty, their vulnerability was what made them feel on the deepest level and what could also crush their will to live.

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For a moment, she could do nothing but stare at the vaulted ceiling, sucking in deep breaths.She didn’t know. Stars above, she didn’t know it could feel like this. The attentions she’d given herself had never felt that good. In her dreams, it had never felt that good. But then, it wasn’t him in the flesh. Not like now.Nikolai removed his fingers, then placed a gentler openmouthed kiss on her sex, licking slowly with the flat of his tongue. Sienna whimpered and scooted up the bed, far too sensitive there now.He gazed up and grinned, licking his bottom lip before he sucked the two fingers he’d had inside of her with a long slide from his mouth. “I could taste you forever.”“My heart would give out in a day,” she panted, incredulous he would do and say something so naughty. “Perhaps in an hour.”He chuckled and launched himself up and over her. “I like seeing that flush in your cheeks.” He nipped her lips. “And hearing that smile in your voice.”She wondered how he could see anything, but then again, he was vampire. “Well, I like breathing.” She panted heavily still. “So give me a moment to catch my breath.”He settled beside her, pulled the covers over them, and wrapped a strong arm around her waist, pulling her over till her head rested on his chest. “Take all the time you need.”His voice was light and airy, unlike his usual brooding self.She tilted her head toward him. “You’re happy with yourself, aren’t you?”“Quite.”“I’ve never experienced something like that before.”She had no experience with men, but she thought she knew enough from watching farm animals. Apparently not.“I am certainly glad to hear that,” he said only slightly more serious. “If another man tried to do that to you, I’d have to rip out his tongue.”“You’re very territorial.”“Very. Glad you’ve noted.”Strange how that act of intimacy had washed away the angst and tension from before. Then she realized that was exactly what he was trying to do. He’d wanted her pleasure alone, he’d said. He’d certainly gotten it.“Is it always like that?” she asked, almost too shy, but enjoying the intimacy that had grown between them in the dark.“No.” He flatted his palm, fingers spread, over her abdomen under the covers. “It will be better next time.”“Better?”He laughed and lowered his head, sweeping his lips across hers. Not a kiss, but a reminder that they’d knocked down a wall between them and there was no rebuilding it.Then he whispered, “Wait till you see what it feels like when I’m buried deep inside you.

~ Juliette Cross