Manos Abou Chabke said this quote

If you dont want to feel that you are controlled, Make sure to Follow the below Checklist :1. Make your Own Business Before you Die : because then you know that you are controlling your life with your money not someone else money and therefore you gain Freedom 2. Never have your only Fuck Buddy/GirlFriend as your Work Colleague, Have more than one fuck buffy if you cant resist and dont share much info | You never know if your boss is paying her to get information 3. Once you become Wealthy and Rich, Never Submit or Believe anything if you get approached by a Secret Organization or So called Illuminati. A Deal with the Devil Is NEVER INTO YOUR BENEFIT but its always a DECEPTION 4. Make sure to Pray Tactically Either you are Christian, Muslim, Budha or any Religion, Spirituality Helps you Stand up on your Feet and the help you get is from a Spirit Power Someone you can Trust 5. Educate and keep educating yourself, Knowledge is Power | Be Aware of All 6. Either dont give all the information of yourself or if you cant then give False information or close but to the point to be as Diplomatic As Possible. Also be aware of the information that you have given in order to consider it should a follow up or weird moments appear to be ready with your ConscienceOk there is more to the checklist but since point 6 of this checklist states that not to give all the information, i will give publicly those but i will also add 2 more below7. Have No FEAR as Control is usually conducted by FEAR Control | Practice no FEAR Techniques on a regular basis 8. Be innovative ! keep changing so you dont have a Standard Portfolio about you | you are that guy that changes and is hard to Keep up