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Universe, tell me about the time when the world was kind, when words didn't shatter the souland leave people bleeding into the crease of their smile. tell me about the time when people wouldn't hide behind sarcasm or humor to mask themselves from dying slowly on the inside. Universe, tell me the names of all the stars in your sky, because I may have met one the other night.His presence in my thoughts, his touch in my heart and no longer a dream but laying next to me now. There are marks on my body from the energy of our light.He is broken, like me, a fallen star. Yet, aspires to soar and believes he can fly. I too believe in dreams.Universe, do you think you can do somethingabout all the lonely souls? the broken? the fallen stars?There are so many of us.And what about the hurt? the pain? the restlessness?Oris this all part of something bigger, a lesson to be learnt? so we can become a part of you?Universe, it’s me, Please hear my soul speak, my heart beat,I've learnt my lesson.Forgive me.Offer me redemption or bring me back to you.Universe, are you there?

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