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Sharif Miyan: I wish I did, though. Own some land, that is. My family owned it once when I was a young man. It's all gone now. Sharif Miyan's eyes had a faraway look in them, as if he could still see the land.Avi: Where did it go?Sharif Miyan: We lost it during Partition. My family owned many farms in Punjab---the one in Pakistan.Avi: But land does not go anywhere, does it?Sharif Miyan: You are right. Land does not. It's not the people who go away. I know where my land is in Punjab. I can see it. I can walk on it. But it is not mine. Isn't that terrible? I can never forget the day when those landgrabbers held my family at gunpoint and told me to leave. I didn't think I would have to leave the country.

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