Galen punched his brother hard. You bastard! You married and din't tell me?Bathymaas moved to blast him. Aricle stopped her. I'ts alright my lady. That's his normal reaction.He needs to find another. BathymaasHow could you have not told me? I'm your brother! Your twin! When did you marry? GalenWhile you were all gone. AriclesHave you any idea the shit storm you are about to unleash? CalebIt's why I backed down from the fighting. I didn't want anyone hurt. Least of all Bathymaas. AriclesMalphas growled. Now I want to punch you. . . . But I understand. He rubbed his gold necklace that never left him. The heart wants what it wants, and nothing will deny it. But damn . . . He turned his glare to Bathymaas. Damn.So what does this mean? MonoklesThe gods will attack her for this. Openly. Those who hate her will say that she can no longer perform her duties because she's been corrupted by the thouch of a mortal. And they will be after Aricles with everything they have. CalebI still don't trust him. He bowed out when we needed him the most. PhelixTo protect his wife. Haides reminded Phelix. Right or wrong, I doubt there's a one of us who wouldn't do whatever he had to to keep his woman safe. Haideshe's right, there's nothing I wouldn't do to protect my wife and her honor. MonoklesGalen hugged Bathymaas and then his brother. I hate you. galenI hate you too. AriclesBathymaas scowled. We don't mean it, my lady. Rather, it's our way of saying that we're still mad, but are willing to forgive. AriclesMortals are so strange. Bathymaas

~ Sherrilyn Kenyon