I paid you five thousand instead and promised the balance only if you made the match. As it turns out, this is your lucky day because I've decided to write you the full check, whether the match comes from you or from Portia. As long as I have a wife and you've been part of the process, you'll get your money. He toasted her with his beer mug. Congratulations.She put down her fork. Why would you do that?Because it's efficient.Not as efficient as having Powers handle her own introductions. You're paying her a fortune to do exactly that.I'd rather have you.Her pulse kicked. Why?He gave her the melty smile he must have been practicing since the cradle, one that made her feel as though she was the only woman in the world. Because you're easier to bully. Do we have a deal or not?You don't want a matchmaker. You want a lackey.Semantics. My hours are erratic, and my schedule changes without warning. It'll be your job to cope with all that. You'll soothe ruffled feathers when I need to cancel at the last minute. You'll keep my dates company when I'm going to be late, entertain them if I have to take a call. If things are going well, you'll disappear. If not, you'll make the woman disappear. I told you before. I work hard at my job. I don't want to have to work hard at this, too.Basically, you expect me to find your bride, court her, and hand her over at the altar. Or do I have to come on the honeymoon, too?Definitely not. He gave her a lazy smile. I can take care of that all by myself.

~ Susan Elizabeth Phillips