as architect of choosing...choose. to. live.awakened. entirely. wholly.wildly powerful, deeply masterful, authentically creative,thriving. this is not a hoped-for possible self.[reminder: this is an immutable Law of your being]needing not to learn the skill of being whole, the antidote is to unlearn the habit of living incompletelyhere’s the practice:‘know thyself‘—its about spirit righteousness is underratedelevate connection with the changeless essenceseek similitude with the will of Source and will of self'choose thyself'—its about substancesacred. sagacious. thought, word and deed—intend to: honor virtue. innovate enthusiastically. master integrity.'become who you are'—its about style a human, being an entrepreneur of life experiencesa human, being a purveyor of preferencesbeing-well with the known experience of soul, in serviceyour relationship with insecurities, contradictions, & failures?obstacles or...invitations to grow?[mindset forms manifestation]emotions are messengers are giftsdata for discernment: dare to deconstruct them your fearsa belief renovation: fear.less. & aspire towards ascendance, anywaysupport your shinelean into the Lightbe.come.incandescentas architect of choosing, I choose... to disrupt the energy of the status quo,to eclipse the realms of ordinary,& to live--a life-well lived.w/ spirit, substance & style.

~ Lashaun Middlebrooks Collier