Christianity still makes sense because it was Christ who:- Never Judged a person by his/her appearance [Mark 10:46-51]- Never Looked down with disdain on someone just becausethat person does not come to His church [John 4:1-26]- Never kept back his miracle of Healing, just because the persondoes not belonged to His own community [Matthew 15:25-28]- Shared His Love and Grace with both poor [Luke 14:13] and rich equally [Mark 10:21]- Chose to Forgive even those whom 'His chosen ones' looks down with contempt. [Luke 7:36-50]- Proclaim the Truth about Gospel to a lost soul even if there isno one to acknowledge Him publicly [John 3:1-3]- Preferred to keep quiet even if He was 'wrongly accused'. [Matthew 27:12]- Who ranks the Giver on the basis if his/her Intent of givingand not just Extent of giving [Luke 21:1-4]- Chose to empty His pockets and desist resources available to Him,so that He can teach to Serve First [John 13:14] and lead later.- Eagerly listened to the one who came asking for help and delivered them fromtheir issues rather than opening His book of sorrows andissues to make them feel awkward and ignored. [Mark 7:31-37]...Its a shame that it is we Christians, who at times Disappoint our Christ and Dishonor His name by acting just opposite to His nature and character in our lives.World is not disappointed by Christianity, its tired of, us Christians.

~ Santosh Thankachan