1) I may lose something today, I may get anything else tomorrow. But, I can never lose and ever get one thing and thats ‘YOU’ So, be my friend forever!2) I CARE For U Bcoz You Are MY $weet……… friend for ever.3) Each day i meet some one new, But never find another u..The world is full of ppl its true,Yet no one ever equals a friend like you..4) A best friend is one who never get tired ,of listening to your pointless drama over and over again !5) Best friends have CONVERSATION impossible to UNDERSTAND for others.6) A good friend knows all your story , and a best friend has lived them with you.7) BEST FRIEND knows , how stupid you are, but still choose to be with you .8) BEST FRIENDS are like stars, you don’t always see them , but they are always there.9) You are my BEST FRIEND , my HUMAN DIARY and my OTHER HALF , you mean the WORLD for me.10) Best friends ,make the good time better and the hard times easier !!11) When destiny forget , to tie some people in relationship,it corrects its mistake by making them your best friends ..12) Best FRIENDS are like diamond , when you hit them they don’t break, they just slip away from your life.13) When I die, friends would come at my funeral, good friends would cry for me , but my BEST FRIEND would change my Whatsapp status ” Chilling WITH Jesus ”14) Weekly One Day Holiday, Monthly One Day Salary Day, Yearly One Day Birthday,Lifely One Day Death Day, But Sharing FRIENDSHIP with BEST FRIEND Is Every Day

~ Faudas